Selfielearn is for teachers and students ESL video lessons Content and Language Integrated Learning Cognitive Linguistics The Communicative Approach

Selfielearn is a platform with real-life ESL video lessons that can be used both for the classroom or self-study.


It is based on three theories: 

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Cognitive Linguistics

The Communicative Approach

These three approaches help the student learn the English Language in a more natural and realistic way. Thanks to the use of these theories, most students are able to store all the new language they are exposed to in the long-term memory.

Through ‘Listen and speak’ exercises, students get a lot of input, which will later on become output for the discussion and the retelling of the listening and the stories in the videos they have dealt with.

When students integrate all the new language they have been exposed to and make it a part of their output, the speaking process becomes easier and more natural. In other words, new language is learned and acquired in a much more relevant and enjoyable way and becomes permanent. 

It’s engaging as well as entertaining and students do not have to memorize long lists of vocabulary items or grammar explanations in order to talk. Our approach is straightforward and hands-on.



All videos are followed by activities that are meant to check for student’s listening and reading comprehension. Moreover, the topics in the videos are so engaging that they can later be used for discussion and pieces of writing. 

The grammar and Vocabulary lessons are all contextualized, which makes for a much more meaningful approach to acquire new words and grammatical structures.

Once the students have completed the quizzes after each lesson, they will get all the answers automatically

This saves a lot of time and, in case you are a teacher, you save time correcting mistakes.
On top of that, teachers save a lot of time planning their lessons, since all the content in every topic dealt with is well-planned out.

Students will not only love the experience of being totally immersed in the language but will also benefit from it.



All in all, these ESL courses are a solution for those people who want to study on their own and improve on their 4 skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing, broaden their vocabulary range, and learn new grammatical structures.
It is also a solution for TESOL teachers since they have tons of lessons to deliver their classes straightaway and save a lot of time planning, and have lots of fun.

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